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A standard five man groups of adventurers within the level 15-22 range

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The Wailing Caverns is probably the first major instanced dungeon that lower-level Horde players encounter. Players allow gain more WoW currency (copper, silver and aion online gold) and experience in here.

While the level of relative difficulty is therefore fairly low, this instance is quite large, and a minimum of 90 minutes should probably be set aside by players wishing to complete it.

It is a visually beautiful and deeply atmospheric area, with an unusually high level of detail. You are able to enter this raid with your team members if you are level 15-22 rang.

Before you enter into this instance, you’d better to prepare some items, such as gold, food, drugs and weapons etc. Another appealing element of this dungeon is the high number of item-yielding boss monsters, given the level of difficulty.

A standard five man groups of adventurers within the level 15-22 range will find themselves returning from here to the Crossroads with as much loot as they can carry.

Beyond the instance portal, you will find a Disciple of Naralex, who will give you a Mark of the Wild buff and, later on when all of the fanglords have been slain, help you summon Mutanus the Devourer, a monstrous murloc boss.