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Aion, as Beautiful as Before, Is Different to Me Now

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Editor's words: Recently, I know a Chinese player who used to play Aion. He told me his Aion experiences. It's sad to hear the story. Like to share with you and hope those games we like can keep going forever.

Usually many things may have a good beginning, but not necessarily a good ending (sigh~). Similarly, at the first sight of Aion, I was really amazed at its great charm, but I've never thought I'll feel so frustrated now.

I'm a lazy bone and don't like typing, so I chose Ranger since I only want to fight against weak monsters and enjoy the surrounding scenes. However, after one month's play, Aion has been so different. I've advanced to lv 35, but only lv 35, and I'm extremely tired.

Everyone in the game looks so hurried, hurriedly being killed, hurriedly resurrecting and hurriedly leveling up (f**k P2P). And gradually I began to realize that many players are using bots. My teammates, however, still love this game. They still do quests with great passion and pleasure. Once, it was kind of fun to watch them chatting. But now, I can only see bots around and cheaters peddling in the chat channel. I managed to ignore them, but in vain. Can you imagine the feeling when your monster kill was stolen by botting players? Yes, I'm a lazy man and have no interest in making more friends. I just want to play the game relaxedly. But I just don't know what I can do and where I can go...

I still remember that when I finally found the NPC on the central island at the lower layer of the Abyss when doing the "Prophecy" mission, I laughed heartily. But not long later, a group of Elyos players with red names appeared and I ran away immediately coz' I feared of being killed. Later, I got to know that they were grinding up Abyss Points there...

The last time when I logged out, I curiously took a look at the AP ranking. I noticed that the top 1 player, with a Japanese name, was one of the players I spotted on the island when I did the "Prophecy" mission...

I feel just so frustrated. When I finally finished crafting my lv 35 weapon and equipped it, I had no idea where to go. I can't find any happiness or excitement in Aion. What I'm feeling is but only tiresome and hopeless!

Dear GM, you do reply my every report, and I want to thank you for what you did. However, your reply was always like: the technical department is handling the issue. You know, it really frustrated me and I can't see any hope, any future.

Although I'm not a hardcore player like boys, I used to think I could go a long way in Aion coz' I just want to do what I like and have fun in game. Hehe, you may say I'm a fool and it is a waste of time. But this is just what I want in Aion. Anyways, I still have another choice, quit, right?