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It is a very helpful skill till you get Blade Aura, Adds quite a nice smack of attack

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Skills to Get: Double Slash

Regular: Don’t bother getting Rising Shot! NO! I SAID DON’T TOUCH IT! Good student, well then. You ask why not to take this aion gold skill? Well here are my points:

1. Single Target

2. 1 hit

And at this point, a single target 1 hitting skill just will NOT do for a Blader.

Get Blade Force now, it’s a very helpful skill till you get Blade Aura, Adds quite a nice smack of attack.

When you can, drop Flash Draw, and get Double Rising (1, 2). 3 Hits, Knock down, and AoE. Pretty Sweet huh?

If you want to get Death Cross (3), you’re going to have to drop a skill. Let that be Stab & Slash then.

Death Cross will be your first Finisher skill.

Note: I personally dropped it later on for another skill, Hasing Dance (2, 3)

Expert: This is when things start to get fun *big grin*. No, I’m serious, they do. Anyone who played a Blader till this point will agree with me that Assault IS the most useful skill you can get. It’s Basically Dash + Attack in one.

Later get Hasing Dance (2, 3), it’s the most beautiful (and deadly) skill you’ll get on this level. It has AoE and Knockdown, which is quite useful and impressive. Double Slash HAS to go.

So get Assault, no discussion about it, DOES IT!